Friday, March 4, 2011

A dad passes by his son's bedroom was shocked on seeing everything in order...bed nicely made up, no mess around and everything was packed!
he went in and saw an envelope on the bed addressed to him!
he opened the envelope and started reading the letter inside with his trembling hands
'Dear papa, it's with great regret that i'm writing to you. I had to runaway with my girlfriend because i want to avoid the scene with mom and u.
I've been finding real passion in her and she is soo nice her dimple cheeks and sweet eyes and good charachter. Don't worry dad i'm 21 and i know how to takecare of myself.
someday i will come to visit you so u can get to know your grand-children
(His dad had rolling tears, he read on!)
none of the above is true!
i'm at neigbours home. I just wanna remind you that worse things than my result which is lying in the drawer..please sign it, and call when its safe to get back home!'

sender: ashish

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