Wednesday, April 13, 2011

bridge across the ocean!

Once a man was lying on the beach looking up in the sky, soon he decided to talk to god, he begged to god to grant him only one wish , looking at the mans sincerity God granted him a wish. God asked " whats ur wish son", the man said ,"God I wish you could make a bridge across this ocean to the next country where I have to go for my business very often, So that I don't have to spend a lot of cash for airways", God answered , "son, this wish of urs , is kinda difficult for me , cause its full of concrete and hard materials which are not easily available, So ask for some other wish and I'll complete it", the man thought for a while and said ,"God can you tell me , that what goes on in a womans mind all the time , what does she actually mean when she says, go away leave me alone, and what is she thinking when she is really quite for sometime".... God thought for a long time and then he replied,"...mmmmm..
Son how do u want it to be , a one way or a two way bridge ?"....

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